Winter in the park

The "Lusthaus" at the Laxenburg palace's park. Drawing from some years ago.

The “Lusthaus” at the Laxenburg palace’s park in the snow. Drawing from some years ago.

Let’s give this blog a new start. Christmas day is a good day for it – and for a drawing of a winter scene. It shows the so called “Lusthaus”, a pavillon built simply for “pleasure” in the 19th century, situated in one of the most beautiful landscape-parks of Austria at Laxenburg, south of Vienna. We lived there for many years, the park was kind of our garden, where we went almost daily, together with our little boys. I remeber myself walking miles and miles through the park, pushing a buggy with a sleeping child with one hand, a book in the other, reading with ‘one eye’, using the other to stay on track…

Merry Christmas!


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