Old Castle at Laxenburg

"Old Castle, Laxenburg". Watercolor.

“Old Castle, Laxenburg”. Watercolor.

Some years ago there was snow in the winter (almost unbelievable when there are 10 degrees Celsius outside at the end of december…), and I drew one of the oldest and biggest buildings in the village of Laxenburg south of Vienna: the Old Castle. It was built in the middle ages, long before the now surrounding landscape-park was planned. the castle was the starting point of hunting excursions of the Habsburg owners.

One has to admit that the impressive size of the castle was reached not before the 18th century, when the castle was reerected after having been destroyed during the turk wars.

In the 20th century the castle was the seat of the Austrian Film Archive with a small film museum and a cinema-hall where historical films were shown now and then. In the meantime the archive has moved to a new building an cinema and museum were shut down.


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