Journey to Southern France 2013 – Part 3

Susanne badet im Gardon de Mialet.

Susanne swimming in the river Gardon de Mialet.

After visiting the little town of St. Jean du Gard wie drive on to the hugenots-museum at Mas de Soubeyran. As we pass over the river Gardon de Mialet on a high bridge I see people swimming in the river down there. Spontaneously we stop und climb down to the river. The shallow little river winds through a valley full of big rocks. We spot a deeper part of the river where we can swim in the warm and clear water. then we go on to Mas de Soubeyran with it’s “Musée du Desert”. The museum informs about a dark chapter in french history, the prosecution of the protestants, called Huguenots, in the 16th and 17th century.



Later we reach Anduze, a little town with a crowded mainstreet. As soon as you leave this street you are alone in a deserted place. We buy something to eat an drive back to our campsite at L’Estrechure.



Next morning we walk through the village. Many of the houses have beautiful female hands made of iron as a door-knocking device. In a café we take our breakfast under wine-leaves.

Café at L'Estrechure

Café at L’Estrechure


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