Journey to Southern France 2010 – Part 4

Pont Moutonnier at Col de l'Asclier

Pont Moutonnier at Col de l’Asclier

Leaving L’Estrechure we head south on a narrow and winding mountain road through the Cevennes. The highest point is Col de l’Asclier, where the road passes under an arched bridge. It is called Pont Moutonnier and serves only for sheep and their shepherds!

Bridge at Le Vigan

Bridge at Le Vigan

The next town we reach down in the valley after two hours of complete solitude is Le Vigan. We pass a pleasant hour there near the river that is bridged by an old stone bridge. Unfortunately the local museum with it’s exhibition about the Cevenne’s writer Chamson is closed until late ofternoon. We cannot wait so long and therefore we head on to the natural arena of Cirque de Navacelles, a more than 100 m deep valley cut into the landscape by a winding river. In the evening we put up our tent at Lodève, where we want tp stay for some days and visit the literature-festival “Voix de la Méditerranée”, the “Voices of the Mediterranean”.

Cirque de Navacelles

Cirque de Navacelles

Next morning we visit the Musée Fleury with it’s exhibition “De Gauguin aux Nabis” (From Gauguin to the Nabis). Most interesting. While I draw in the museum my wife sits in one of the deckchairs in front of the museum and reads. She always has a book with her to pass the time while I draw, reading. So I never have to hurry. Great! This is our way to solve the old problem of artists on the road always in danger to make their companions angry by letting them wait and wait and wait…


My wife reading

My wife reading

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Exhibition "De Gauguin oux Nabis" at the Musée Fleury, Lodève

Exhibition “De Gauguin oux Nabis” at the Musée Fleury, Lodève


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